Our Leaders

Apostle DusJohn Williams Sr.

  •  Founder & SeniorPastor

  •  Doctorate of Theology

  •  Philanthropist

Pastor Regina V. Williams

  •  Pastor

  •  Associate of SocialWork

  •  Lead Worshipper

The Williams: Marriage, then Ministry. 


This power-packed couple represents United Kingdom

Ministries and strongly stands on the principle of Marriage being the first  ministry we should attend to and care for. 


Dr. DusJohn Williams Sr. received his

Doctorate in Theology in 2012 from Flint Full Gospel

Seminary. He is a husband, a father of 10 children and

5 grandchildren. He has been preaching the gospel

since 1995 he was officially ordained in 2002. He was

installed as an Apostle in 2010.


Pastor Regina V. Williams received her Associate of Social Work, in 2010. She was licensed as an Evangelist in 2009 and

was appointed to the eldership in 2012 at In His

Presence Ministries. She is a wife, a mother and servant

to those in need. Together under the sonship of

Apostle and Pastor Finley of In His Presence Ministries,

they have been commissioned to go out and begin a

work in the vineyards.

Such as:

  •  NSO Homeless Shelter

  •  Calumet and Lincoln Youth Detention Center

  •  LIP Movement

  •  Wednesday Prayer line

  •  The Pneuma Radio Broadcast

  •  I Am King

  • Gods’ Girl International


United Kingdom Ministries was birthed in 2016 our

vision is to advance the Kingdom of God at all cost.

This is a multi-cultural ministry empowering people

through the unction of God from the gutter most to the

upper most. Reaching out to those with similar paths of abuse and disfunction is what God has ordained and

anointed this couple to do in these end times.