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Welcome to Safe Heaven

Committed to Excellence

Our mission is to educate, build, and create opportunities for people.

Physical, Mental, Spiritual, and Financial Empowerment, through programs that will give hope and create innovators.


Reduce recidivism through programs that will aide the returning citizen by providing structure, stability, and the means to financially support themselves and their families.

Who Are We

Our purpose is to bring hope and life back to the community that will create an environment for families and individuals to thrive.

The overall goal is to reduce recidivism, create jobs, create businesses within the community, educate, train, and cultivate families to function as they should. 

​We want to service the whole man but we understand as the local church we can not do this alone. We have four entities under one roof working together to bring stability to the mental, physical, financial, and spiritual of all those connected.

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