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Riomundi Fellowship Church

Pastor Andrew Geoffrey

Ministry Established - March 2019

30 Members

Kenya - Nyanza province 

United Kingdom Global Alliance

United Kingdom Ministries has partnered with Riomundi Fellowship Church. Riomundi Church is located in the continent of Africa, Kenya in Nyanza providence Kisii which is the larger district. We have partnered with our brothers in Africa because we understand that ministry is costly, it is even more costly in countries overseas. the Bible tells us that we are to bare one another's burdens and since we have been called to be keepers of our brothers, we believe that God has called us to assist and aide Riomundi Church in their  endeavor to not only teach the Gospel of The Kingdom but also be effective in being the Kingdom.

Our goal is to provide fresh water, beds, clothing, food, and better shelter that will accommodate greater living amenities for the ministry and children.

Immediate Needs

Food Budget Monthly

Sufficient Water Supply

Worship & Living Quarters

Basic food products such as Maize, Rice, Beans, cooking oil, vegetables, onions, tomatoes, cabbage, potatoes, bananas. Right now the children are allowed meat once a week because of cost the budget for food is approximately 51,700 KSH that's the equivalent to $463.00 USD

The closest water supply is a 3km walk for the children and the water isn't fresh which has caused some of the youth to contract a disease called Typhoid fever. The cost of building a well on the ministries complex is

There is also a need for an upgrade to the ministry house that will properly accommodate the 23 orphans. The upgrade to the facility as well as the beds with proper bedding for the children is a must. Literature such as bibles and other learning supplies for the children.

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