"United Under One God"  ACTS 2:44

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DusJohn Williams Sr., is the Overseer and lead Pastor of  United Kingdom Ministries. He along with his wife Pastor Regina V. Williams desire is to see people changed through the power of Gods word.  We teach the word of God with a passion and have a heart for God and the people.  Pastors Williams believe  every one should have a chance to know Jesus, the Christ,  and everyone is capable of change.

United Kingdom Ministries, by design, is  a multicultural, in your face, up close and personal Bible teaching ministry.  

We desire to minister to the whole man physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially by building the individual up and launching them into their destiny.  The bible says we have  all been called to the ministry of reconciliation. As Pastors we will share God given wisdom with all UKM Citizens and  assist them on their God given path thourgh motivatation and cultivation  of their gifts. God has given us  the power indiviually and corporately to impact and change a nation.  


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